ГФК Осогово

Official Statement – Club Ownership

After lengthy consultations and meetings between GFK Osogovo’s management and fans that are justifiably unhappy with the results and the achievement level of the last half-season in the 2nd League East, the club and management have decided to make the following public statement:

To that goal, we as management of the club are looking for a serious investor, partner or sponsor of the club who would like to take over the management of the club in the next period as well as raise the level of efficiency, maintain the level of professionalism as well as repairing and rebuilding the infrastructure of the club facilities, in order for the club to function smoothly and to achieve satisfactory results. With the minimal support of the local municipal government and the financial construction that we have implemented for this season, we are able to run the club and to be at a sustainable level as an average club, but can not aim for higher ranking or more serious professional work because all of the club’s executives are engaged on a voluntary basis, and all of the club’s budget is reserved for the needs and salaries of the players, as well as the maintenance of the pitch and the stadium facilities.

The club currently possesses 2 youth schools in the U14 and U16 competitive categories, as well as a professional team competing in the 2nd League East. Our Stadium “Nikola Mantov” has a capacity of 6000 spectators with 3 offices, press and meeting room, kitchen and dining hall, 3 dressing rooms, 1 gym, 1 storeroom, auxiliary ground and main ground. The Stadium will be assigned to the use of a agreed period of time to the stakeholder which would manage the club in the future. Certainly the club is a brand of the city of Kocani and one of the oldest and most famous clubs in Macedonia since its establishment in 1924, and we do not want anyone to abuse its reputation for personal purposes or to bring the club to an end. Nevertheless, the staff that are currently in the club will be ready and available to help the new investor wholeheartedly. We therefore call all legal entities, companies or investors from our country and abroad to come to our aid and answer this call, and to bring glory to GFK Osogovo and the city of Kocani.

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